Daughter of Altan


“Nothing teaches you how to dodge better than a black eye.”

“I’ve met Trolls that’ve smelled better than you.”


Lifepaths – Born Peasant, Peasant Pilgrim, Hunter, Lead to Outcast, Strider
Age – 23


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B3 B5 B5 B6 B4 B3


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Stride.
B4 B5 B9 B5 7 B0 B1 7
PTGS Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

Skills – Cooking B4, Plains-Wise B3, Hunting B4, Spear B5, Rhûnic Flute B2, Orienteering B4, Stealthy B5, Tracking B4


  1. I must fight the Speaker’s control over my body whenever possible.
  2. I must save Ganoveth from his terrible injuries.
  3. The Speaker must be destroyed by any means necessary, even if that means my death.


  1. When you fall (and you will fall) grab for a handhold.
  2. Keep a blade where men wouldn’t dare search.
  3. Always watch the men in a room.

Gear -

  • Traveling gear (50’ rope / torches / flint & steel / iron kettle, bedroll / yak wool pillow, etc.)
  • Clothing (camouflaged hunting outfit, rain cloak, yak wool coat, deerskin gloves, wool dress)
  • Hunting toolkit (Binding cord, horn, skinning knife, etc.)

Relationships -

  • Ganoveth, Brother
  • Altan, Father (Missing)

Traits – [Char] Road Weary, [Char] Loner, [Char] A Great Beauty, [C-O] Dexterity of the Cat, [C-O] Fleet of Foot, [Char] Stubborn, [Char] Bound Maia, [Char] Possessed

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 4 6 2 0 3 Shortest
Silvan Spear 1 2 3 6 9 2 2 2 Longest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike

Armor Type Head Torso R. Arm L. Arm R. Leg L.Leg Shield
Reinforced Leather (Silvan) 0 3 2 2 2 2 0
Clumsy Weight Ag Sp Climb Fatigue Throw/Shoot Stealth Swim Per/Obs
Reinforced Leather (Silvan) - - - - - - - -

Ariunaa’s “Trip Hazard”

Restrictions: Trip Hazard requires one persona point to activate. Ariunaa must be wielding a weapon with WL of longer or longest.

Effect: Ariunaa sweeps at her opponent’s legs and trips them. If successful, she’s tripped her opponent and he must fight from the ground or spend actions rising.

Obstacles for Trip Hazard

G/S Str Avd Blk Cstr Beat Dis Fnt Cha Lok Psh Thw
Spd Spd vs Spd vs Skill vs Skill Spd Pwr Spd vs Spd Spd vs Spd vs Skill

Ariunaa is a strong-willed and stout-hearted woman with a plucky spirit that sometimes leads her – and her older brother Ganoveth – into trouble. She’s naturally curious and bright, but doesn’t have the patience for rote memorization. She learns through experience, insisting it’s the best teacher there is. This attitude even extends to battle: While sparring with her brother, Ariunaa insists that they use their full strength despite Ganoveth being a head taller and fifty pounds heavier than she (though they do use practice weapons, at least).

A wiseacre, Ariunaa always likes to have the last word – and the more insolent the word, the better. Once, she insulted a man (and his parentage) so badly that he challenged her to a duel in front of his whole tribe, shouting: “You insult like a man, let’s see if you fight like one!” Unfortunately for him, she does.

Ariunaa is very cognizant of the cultural restrictions placed on women by most societies in Middle-earth and she actively defies those conventions. This rebelliousness is viewed with amusement by some and derision by many others, but it’s rarely taken seriously. Despite this, she’s quite comfortable with her femininity and sees no dissonance between fighting well, drinking heartily and then pining after a pretty dress or plating her hair with wildflowers.

She was raised on the road and has no memory of her homeland in Far Rhûn. Her father, Altan, claimed he was the “kayan” of a great tribe there, making Ariunaa a sort of princess-in-exile. He also told Ganoveth and Ariunaa that their mother was still alive and that one day she might come and join them. Altan never revealed why he’d fled his tribe and Ariunaa thinks his story was probably a lie. She has no delusions of going east to take up residence in some jeweled tower surrounded in silk and spice. Still, she knows that in the West she’ll always be seen as just a swarthy outsider. In truth, Ariunaa just desperately wants some place to call home.

Her most prized possession is a Rhûnic flute made from the trunk of a cherry blossom. Altan gave it to Ariunaa upon her ascension to womanhood, telling her that her mother had hoped to do the same. Her father claimed that the tree’s spirit was bound to the flute by old magic, and that the flute grants voice to the joys and sorrows of the tree. Ariunaa thinks this story rather silly, but — whatever the reason — the flute produces beautiful music. Although she’s a capricious young woman driven more by whim than duty, Ariunaa practices her flute almost nightly, often to the annoyance of anybody trying to sleep nearby.

Aside from her brother, Ariunaa’s only other friend in the world is Rosie, her calico horse.

Ariunaa’s Continuing Tale…

In the late autumn of T.A. 1640, Ariunaa began having strange nightmares and episodes of sleep-walking. It began after the viewing of strange sigils carved on trees and culminated in a days-long coma for which her brother Ganoveth and friend Thélor sought help from the Elves.

When she woke, Gano revealed that her spirit is not human. It is, in fact, a corrupted Maia trapped within Ebonrath-Sahil, her brother’s sword. Ariunaa’s mind and personality are the tiny uncorrupted spark that remained of the Maia after it was seduced by Melkor long, long ago. Through unknown but powerful sorcery, the Maia was bound within the sword.

Ganoveth learned that the binding occurred because the mission of the Black Spirit Hunters — of which he and Ariunaa are clansmen — is not to destroy corrupted spirits, but to redeem them. Redemption is only possible through action, and so the Maia spirit imprisoned within Ebonrath-Sahil was provided a means to interact with the world: Ariunaa herself. If the blade were to be somehow destroyed, the six spiritual bindings holding the Maia would also be destroyed. The corrupted portion of Ariunaa’s spirit — known as the Speaker — would gain complete control over Ariunaa’s body and thus grain a physical means of affecting Middle-earth. The results could be cataclysmic.

Ari became extremely distraught over this revelation. She blamed herself for the assault on the Elves of Chetwood, believing they’d still be alive if they hadn’t helped her. She began acting erratically, showing foolish bravery and taking dangerous chances. While they were on their way to visit Glade-lord Súlor, she tried sneaking away after slipping a sleeping poison into Ganoveth’s stew. Ganoveth saw through the trick and didn’t let her leave. They speak over the next few days. He tells her: “Everything that is evil in the Maia spirit is contained within my blade; everything that is good is contained within you. Remember that.” Her brother’s talk helped Ari a great deal and she seemed at peace with her condition.

Then, a week and a half later during the assault on the Night-hunter nest, Ariunaa was captured by the Nacker Wives. Ganoveth was gravely wounded while trying to save her, though Thélor and Azagri managed to drag him to safety. Thélor and Azagri tried to reach Ariunaa in time, but it was too late. A sorcerer of the Witch-king performed a ritual which somehow “transposed” Ariunaa’s split spirit. The greater corrupted portion was given control of Ariunaa’s body, while the personality known as Ariunaa was imprisoned in the blade. After unsuccessfully trying to take Ebonrath-Sahil from a barely conscious Ganoveth (thwarted, it seemed, by her uncorrupted portion), the Speaker vowed to gain the blade and her full power at a later time, and escape in Ariunaa’s form.

While the Speaker is in control of her body, Ariunaa is able to perceive some of the things happening around her as if in a dream.

Later, she watched helpless as the Speaker tracked Ganoveth and Elwen to Bree, where Elwen brought Gano to a surgeon. They stayed a month, then continued on to Rivendell, unprotected. That is when the Speaker struck. Ariunaa believes she killed the Elwen without hesitation, but found she still could not recover the sword. As they were in the Trollshaws, it was easy for the Speaker to enlist the aid of a Hill-troll to do her bidding. The Troll picked up Gano and the sword and began the long trek to Angmar, where she has business Ariunaa cannot discern.

Spurred by the threat to her brother, Ariunaa struggled mightily to retake her body. Finally, when the Iron Mountains of Angmar came into view weeks later, Ariunaa fought as hard as she could and — somehow — regained control. Stunned, at first, Ariunaa ordered the Troll to place Gano in a nearby cave, which he did without question. Then, they continued their march toward a nearby mountain. Only minutes later, the Speaker regained control. The Troll was unable to explain himself and – thinking Gano had somehow escaped – she immolated the thing on the spot. Then, in her fury, she found a small Angmarrim village and torched it to the ground, killing everyone within.

Ariunaa soon discovered that since the bindings were weakened, she can sometimes wrestle control of her body away from the Speaker, just as the Speaker did to her. It is extremely difficult and taxing, nor does it last very long. However, she’s done it enough that she’s managed to treat Ganoveth’s wounds and keep herself from despairing. She needs Ganoveth to heal. Then, when his strength is back, he needs him to kill her.


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