A male auroch. Currently adventuring with a group of Easterling siblings, a Dwarven prince, and his bodyguard.


Zak is Thélor Ironfist’s auroch. He currently has two crossbows strapped on one side, and the other side is laden with padded armor. Zak has not been trained to fight, but is apparently nonplussed in combat situations, providing Thélor and his companions with 2,200 pounds of cover.

Zak enjoys cud, sunshine on meadows, and female aurochs.


The Tale of Years

T.A. 1634
Summer — Zak is born in the lowlands of near the Sea of Rhûn.

T.A. 1640
Late Autumn — Ganoveth, having started to dabble in artistic endeavors, drew up a schematic to create a miniaturized trebuchet that could be attached to Zak’s flanks. As designed, it could hurtle Hobbits over great distances. Gano dubbed it the “Hobbuchet.” Though meant as a jest, the gleam in Thélor’s eye upon looking over the schematic left Ganoveth with a feeling that he would not be surprised to one day see Zak flinging Hobbits with unpredictable effects…


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