Ancestral weapon held by the clan leaders of the "Black Spirit Hunters" in Rhûn.

weapon (melee)

The powers of Ebonrath-Sahil will present themselves as Ganoveth becomes more in-tune with the sword. His father spoke of its history at times, but never went into details as to just what this sword represents, and what it is truly capable of…

Ebonrath-Sahil Pow Add VA WS WL Handedness
4 2 1 2 Long Two Handed

Sadira gazed at the pyre as the last embers died out leaving only smoke and darkness. It was over. There was nothing left of her husband’s mortal shell now but ash, his spirit would forever walk in the lands of light. The thought didn’t comfort her. It was cold now and as her eyes began to adjust to the darkness she could see the mountains far in the distance, the small glade at the center of the plain, and faintly she could hear the commotion of the village behind her preparing to sleep.

“You have taken Auranis from me.” Her eyes still shed tears of the knowledge that she would never again be warmed by his embrace. “He fought to protect us. To save us from that black Urulóki. But you took him all the same.” She curled her fists in anger, “the crones tell us your grace is everywhere and that we who follow a path of purity will walk in your light, and yet you took from me the man I love who wanted nothing more than to protect those who could not protect themselves… And now our son will rise to that challenge. Will you take him as well?” There was no answer but the sound of insects in the night and the wind through the grasses. “Where is your grace when the Urulóki is burning us alive? Where is your protection when our weapons break or melt upon its skin?” Sadira demanded an answer, but from where she could not say. She felt helpless.

“Perhaps you are not of grace but born of malice! Perhaps you leave us weak and unable to defend ourselves as some cruel joke to amuse you!” Ash and crumbling tinder flew into the night from her kicking the pyre’s remains. Silence. Sadira fell to her knees hopelessness gripping her heart so strongly it might cease its beating. Then came the sound of tearing. Almost inaudible over her sobs but soon enough it had her attention. It was coming from far away, very far away. She looked all around expecting an attack from the darkness, perhaps the Urulóki had returned to char her body and eat her flesh. Then she looked up.

It was the sky that was tearing. A bright beacon trailing fire behind it as it tore through the sky. Sadira was breathless and unable to move. The light became brighter and brighter, larger and larger. It was getting closer. Did it move with purpose or was it falling from the stars? Soon the grasses of the plain picked up its light and the sound was like a cacophony. With a thundering crash that shook the very ground beneath her the light slammed into the glade upon the grass plain, and fire and earth shot into the air. The sound of the other villagers coming from behind broke Sadira from her trance and she remembered to breath…


Created during a time long since forgotten, this blade has been the figure-head of the Black Spirit Hunter’s clan since their creation.

Ebonrath-Sahil translates to “The Black Drake’s Soul”, so named after the first evil beast it was used to slay. Forged from metal that fell from the sky with a fiery trail, its blade was the color of pure opal, and would catch moonlight in the night and almost glow. The deathblow struck against the black drake found Ebonrath-Sahil impaled into the creatures chest cleaving its heart in two. As its life force slowly drained the blade transformed. When removed from the corpse the edges of the opal blade where blackened as though burned however other than the color there appeared to be no damage to the blade which forever after carries the black flames along its edge.

It was believed that the sword collected the souls of the black spirits it slew. A potent weapon against beings of shadow for when they are slain by this blade their spirits do not return to the abyss only to one day emerge again; Instead they are forever locked within Ebronrath-Sahil.

Engraved in red at the base of the blade are runes, a threat to creatures of evil roughly translating to “Within me, evil fails.”

The blade has been passed down father to son generation after generation. The word of this swords owner is law among the Black Spirit Hunters.

Ebonrath sahil


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