AngmarrimTrue to Sauron’s claim to being the “King of Men”, Angmar is a heterogeneous kingdom and the home to Men from many different parts of Endor.

The inhabitants of the Iron Land are called the Angmarrim. Their diversity is a frightening manifestation of the pervasive influence and power of the Lord of Morgul. Fierce and savage Sagath and Asdriag tribes, Gwathuirim, Hillmen, Rhudaurim, Northmen, and even Men from distant Khand (Variags) and Far Harad (Haradrim), all proclaim allegiance to the banner of the Witch-king. Many of these Men live within the borders of Angmar as warriors, priests, or ordinary farmers. Still more, especially the Easterlings, dwell outside of Angmar in their traditional homelands, vassals who fight at the Úlair’s command. The population of the empire of the Witch-king, therefore, far exceeds the mere population living within its borders.

The population of Angmar is often in a state of flux, increasing drastically whenever there is a major campaign. During the campaigns of T.A. 1409 and T.A. 1975, for example, the population of Angmar swelled to 250,000 Men and Orcs, In T.A. 1640, the Mannish population within Angmar is no more than 50,000 or 60,000. The largest concentrations of inhabitants are naturally in Carn Dûm and Litash, while the remainder are situated in small towns and villages.

The population is scattered across the uplands in a variety of settlements. Most settlements are expected to be self-sufficient and thus must be widely separated in order to provide enough hunting, grazing, and arable land to support their populations. In some areas, the ground and weather conditions do not permit permanent sites, and the settlers are nomadic or semi-nomadic In all of Angmar, there are only four towns with more than 1,000 inhabitants and 75 villages (of around 300-500 inhabitants). The capital (and only) city, Carn Dûm, has a population of 4,000 to 5,000.


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