Chapter 26 Synopsis

Shria and Ganoveth embrace Ariunaa, who seems temporarily freed of the Speaker’s influence. After Langston riddles with Scorba, they flee his lair and make their way back into the cold, barren wilderness of Angmar, careful to avoid any patrols.

When they stop to rest Ariunaa reveals that her hold over her body is shaky. The Speaker could exert control at any moment. Shria tries to convince Ariunaa they should destroy Ebonrath-Sahil, thus merging her with the Speaker. Shria is convinced the portion of her Maia spirit the Black Spirit Hunters have purified over many generations will hold sway. Ariunaa is horrified by the suggestion. The Speaker’s mind is an ocean of pain and hate, she cannot imagine anything controlling it. Although Ganoveth was originally in favor of Shria’s plan, he won’t do anything against his sister’s will.

Meanwhile, Langston is trying to formulate a plan to rebind the Speaker. They will need access to his alchemy lab in Fornost (where assassins are trying to kill him), a piece of galvorn (the rarest metal in Middle-earth), and a furnace as hot as dragon’s fire (which can only be found in Khazad-dûm, located hundreds of miles to the south).

After a lengthy discussion concerning the logistics of transporting an entire laboratory by ox cart, they depart for Fornost.

Chapter 26 Synopsis

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