Drúin's Folk

Drúin’s Folk, also called the Blacklocks clan, are one of the seven tribes of the Khazâd.

Their tale is a sad one. They had an ancient feud with Barin’s tribe for the true Lordship of Rûrîk and Sauron used it to tempt them. Disguised, he demanded refuge in Nargubraz. If they refused, he promised punishment and he also promised reward for acquiescence. Isin, the Dwarf-King, received a Ring of Power, and the Dwarves were divided and they fought. The losers were exiled and Sauron found shelter among the others.

After this, the faithful folk of Drúin’s tribe swore an oath: ‘Not until the works of the Deceiver are ended, his servants slain, his shadow brought to naught shall we deem these halls cleansed of the evils of our House. Not until that day shall we return to Nargubraz.’

So they moved to the South and became mercenaries in their seeking of redemption. In the lands of the East and even in the South, the ‘Axes of Nargubraz’ wage war against the dominion of Mordor. But they do not fight for free, even in vengeance they are pragmatic and they never let slip an opportunity of enrichment.

The Blacklocks, as their name implies, are in general black-haired and darker than other Dwarf-kindreds. They are very proud and warlike, but also circumspect and not easily angered. They are very heavy and strong, and after many years of wandering have become quite reclusive and silent. Their beards are typically black as coal and thick as wire, often left tangled ad unkempt.

Drúin's Folk

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