Eryn Vorn

Eryn vornA forest covering nearly 560 square miles, nearly the entire cape known as the Rast Vorn. Locals avoid the wood at all costs, citing stories of Undead, Wild Men, and giant crocodiles.

This wood, like the Old Forest, is a remnant of the old Eriadorean canopy, was the the most dangerous wild country nigh to Harlindon. Several otherwise extinct groups hide in the forest: the Petty-dwarves (wholly extinct by the later Third Age), the Beffraen and the Mebden.

Elves never settled in these woods (aside from a few individuals) and Gil-galad never attempted to control the region. For the most part, if enemies of the Elves retreated here, they were not going to return to trouble the Elves along the Baranduin.

The coast of the Dark Woods sees Elven ships sometimes, passing south to Edhellond or fishing off the waters. A few small Elven warships are sent out in time of conflict to guard the approaches to Harlindon from Bar-i-Dinuviel to the west. Only the Elves brave the autumn storms which beset these rocky and perilous waters. Their ghostly vessels, slipping through the night, are the cause of sailor’s legends throughout the Eriadorean coast.

Game Notes

  • Thâne told Prince Thélor that he hailed from Eryn Vorn, exiled by his Petty-dwarf kin because he wasn’t monstrous as they were.

Eryn Vorn

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