LothlorienFairest and most mysterious of the Elven realms is the idyllic forest kingdom of Lórinand. Founded by Celeborn and Galadriel after the destruction of Eregion, Lórinand is a haven to all Elves who seek relief from the strife of Men, Dwarves, and the races of Darkness. No evil enters into the Golden Wood, for it preserves the timelessness and beauty of Eldamar.

The kingdom’s borders are defined by a great forest of Mallorn trees on the banks of the Anduin and Celebrant rivers. Local Northmen believe the land to be a home to baleful sorcery, and they keep their distance from it. The Elves do little to discourage this impression, for they value their privacy dearly. The last host to depart from Lórinand was in T.A. 1410 at the bequest of Elrond to meet the forces of the Witch-king. Few Elves now leave the protection of the wood, save to visit their brethren in Lindon or Mirkwood or to prepare for their last voyage across the Great Sea. Outsiders are turned away, unless they are Orcs, who receive a much more violent welcome.

Trespassers who persist in entering Lórinand frequently find themselves the victim of Elvish arrows. A lucky few are drugged and wake up among the forest’s eaves. The unfortunate are never seen again. Only those with the friendship of the Lord and Lady of the Wood (Amroth and Nimrodel) may pass safely into the Elven realm.

Lórinand is a special place of healing and magic, unlike any other in Middle-earth save perhaps Imladris. Time flows unevenly there, even without the influence of Galadriel’s ring Nenya. Beneath the carefully tended mallorn trees, gardens filled with beautiful flowers and potent herbs abound. The Elves themselves live high above the forest floor on platforms known to Men as flets. Family ties are not particularly strong among the immortal Elves, but they maintain a strong sense of community with one another. Elven society is remarkably egalitarian. Though Nimrodel, the love of Lórinand’s King Amroth, is but a Silvan Elf, her lesser birth does not hamper her status in any way. The court of Amroth is startlingly informal. Any Elf or Elf-friend permitted within the forest of Lórinand may speak freely before the King, whether to plead a suit or merely to be heard. Amroth uses this atmosphere of freedom to encourage the creation of the most beautiful songs, poems, and works of art known in Endor.

More mundane crafts also have a home in Lórinand. Wonderfully fine goods of silk and linen are among the items produced in specialized glades. Lórinand is also the source of lembas, the nutritious and lightweight wafers associated with Elven travellers. Unfortunately, the Elves of Lórinand do not sell their goods. Only friends and allies of Lórinand may take Elven goods out of this realm, and never in bulk with an eye for resale.


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