Short Description

Quenya is a beautiful language marked by fluid, joyous tones and patterns. Developed in the Undying Lands, it was affected by the great Valar themselves (in other words, it was “reinfluenced” by Valarin). It is the language of the Vanyar, Noldor, and many of the Teleri of Aman.


Quenya is spoken in Middle-earth, but only rarely in every-day speech. The Ents and the Noldor are the only groups who utilize it in normal conversation. It is considered the “first tongue” among the Noldor of Lórien and in the coastal areas of Lindon (particularly in Forlindon and near the Grey Havens, although these proud Elves also speak Sindarin. Both of these Noldo groups are small and quite elusive, so most Men rarely hear Quenya spoken during their brief lives.

The Dúnedain are the only Men who regularly come into contact with Quenya. High Elvish was revered as the language of the court in Númenor, where Quenya was used in all official speeches and texts – at least until the Númenóreans began revolting against Elven influences. After the Downfall of Númenor, the Faithful who founded Arnor and Gondor retained Quenya as their royal tongue. Commoners continued to speak Adûnaic, as they had in Númenor (Adûnaic eventually spawned — and was replaced by — Westron).

Both the Sindar and Avari use Quenya, but only as a language of lore. Generally, though, Quenya represents Noldo culture, which is scorned by most Endorian Elves.


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