Chapter 27 Synopsis

Thelor devises a two-pronged attack on the entrenched Uruk Marzguram and Blacklock Dwarves, which he implements with Attack-lord Bwalin’s help. Meanwhile, Thelor sends Azagri on a special mission to light the ancient signal fires, hoping to draw the attention of his brother. He hopes his brother arrives with reinforcements, or at least sees that the Longbeards are here to help.

Azagri is successful, but also ends up causing a huge conflagration after igniting some blasting powder. Meanwhile, as the Longbeards press forward, they encounter their enemy’s commander: A powerfully-built Dwarf in mithril plate and a gold mask. He introduced himself to Thelor as King Varin of the Seaspike Clan. He tells Thelor that Nurunkhizdin was his clan’s ancient home and entreats Thelor to ally with him, to act as his lieutenant in this region of the world. Thelor refuses—he will not ally with a friend of the Necromancer—and attacks!

They fight a pitched battle, but in the end Thelor is victorious. Only when his foe is defeated does Thelor realize King Varin has a mark on his hand just like the one his father described. King Varin may have been the true heir to Glaurung’s Horde! Unfortunately, the chirugeons are unable to save Varin and he dies. Thelor takes his armor (and his hand), which he recognizes as the armor depicted in the ancient throne room they discovered far under Nurunkhizdin.

Bwalin reports that the fire has blocked them from making any further progress, but many Orcs were slain. Zag returns, a little scorched but otherwise none the worse for wear.

Chapter 27 Synopsis

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