Chapter 28 Synopsis

As the Longbeards recover from the battle, Thélor asks Zag to disguise himself as King Varin to search for Mîra. He also tries to negotiate with Nar, the leader of the Blacklock mercenaries. Nar appears to be something of a disciple of King Varin, saying he spoke of giving the Blacklocks a home. Thélor says he will also offer them a home if they chose honor. Nar appears to agree to this. Attack-lord Bwalin is uncomfortable with offering them any amnesty.

Brogran arrives with news: Nurunkhizdín marches on them with three thousand axes, almost the whole host!

Prince Thélor and Attack-lord Bwalin lead the Longbeards out of the mountain and meet the Ironfist army. King Barin demands the immediate departure of the Longbeards and Thélor’s surrender. Thélor makes an impassioned speech, but although many of the soldiers seem to agree with him, it certainly doesn’t sway the king. Bwalin departs and Thélor is imprisoned.

A few hours later as they are preparing to depart for Nurunkhizdín, Thélor once again speaks to his brother in front of the whole army. He manages to antagonize him to the point that he attacks! Thélor defends himself—and kills him! The whole army (including Thélor) is stunned. They bring him back to Nurunkhizdín where he is brought before the Adamant Council. Although there are loud outcries against him, they ultimately rule he is innocent of murder. It is every Dwarf’s sacred right to defend himself, no matter who they attacker might be. Tomorrow they will decide on the legitimacy of him taking the throne.

Queen Ním is overcome with grief when Thélor tells her what has happened. Two of her sons are dead. She cannot even look at him and retreats to her rooms.

Thélor goes down to the tombs to visit his brother. He slips a plain black ring off of his finger without the guards noticing…

Chapter 28 Synopsis

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