Short Description

Goblins2Although often called Orcs, Goblins are a particular breed of Orc-kind, smaller than normal Orcs. Rarely found alone, Goblins traditionally hunt in groups both small and large, preferring the advantage of numbers to inflict their cruelty on the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.

While some Goblins wield jagged blades and rough shields, a large portion of their army uses bow and arrow. Although not particularly hardy or accurate, their speed and numbers enable them to fire arrows en masse from unexpected angles. The hate both sunlight and moonlight, but can tolerate it for short durations.


While Goblins are certainly similar to Orcs in appearance, they are smaller and sometimes hunched, often appearing to walk and run with limps. As with all Orc-kind, their blood is black in color. Larger Orcs treat them as slaves, ordering them about and expecting total obedience — which the Goblins are swift to provide. Those that do not acquiesce are killed and, sometimes, eaten.

Goblins are able to see in total darkness, enabling them to make their homes in deep underground tunnels. Goblins are capable animal trainers and have been known to ride Wargs into battle. Goblin weapons are often scavenged and of poor quality, yet deadly. Their arsenal includes scimitars, arrows and shields, often coated in poison. They also wield the weapons of previous victims, although they will not touch many Elf-weapons due to the power in them. Their own armor is made in a crude fashion and is often described as rusty, but strong enough to protect the wearer from the unceasing skirmishes amongst the different Goblin clans and the occasional meetings with other races. The armor is often segmented or otherwise designed for mobility, allowing the Goblins to scale walls and cliffs with ease.


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