Short Description

Nurnkizdin mapUnder the high central peaks of the Pinnon Rhûn, on the western shores of the Inland Sea, is the Dwarven kingdom of Nurunkhizdín.


The Dwarven kingdom was founded at the beginning of the Second Age upon the ruins of an older Dwarven mansion which was ruined during the cataclysm resulting from the War of Wrath. Nurunkhizdín is small as Dwarven mansions go, but makes up in aesthetic beauty what it lacks in size. One arm of the much-diminished folk of Thélor now dwell under the mount they name Hathur na-bunderok and the mountains that surround it. The Dwarves share their kingdom with a strong band of goblins who call themselves the Uruk Marzguram (Ork. “Orcs of the Crushed Skull”). Nurnkizdin picThe goblins hold the northern third of the kingdom and war constantly with Thralin’s folk for domination of the highlands.

The kingdom itself is a marvel of Dwarven craftsmanship. Every hall and avenue is sculpted in scenes that take advantage of the natural striations in the surrounding earth to lend color and texture to the work. Chambers are often multi-storied with balconies at various heights that are accessed by hidden stairways behind doorways crafted to fit in with the theme of the chamber. These balconies can also serve as perches for archers to help defend the halls of the kingdom in case of attack.


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