Short Description

Hill trollThese huge and foul creatures are the handiwork of Morgoth. Trolls vary immensely in appearance, abilities and intelligence but all are immensely large, incredibly tough, and phenomenally stupid.


Trolls are strong and vicious, but unintelligent creatures. Nobody knows how Melkor managed to breed them, though some of the wise believe that Trolls were made in mockery of Ents, as Orcs were of Elves. For some Trolls, sunlight will return them to the stone from which they were made, Snow trollbut not all share this weakness. Trolls fall into breeds of various origins, habitats and habits. There are Cave-trolls, Hill-trolls, Mountain-trolls, Snow-trolls, Stone-trolls, Forest-trolls, and, very likely, others.

In general, they are a primitive race: though they can communicate in a rough manner, they have no knowledge of even basic technologies such as building (though they do use caves as dwellings) and any weapons they utilize are either found (large rocks being a favorite) or are given to them. They tend to be solitary creatures and seldom congregate. When they do come together for some temporary purpose, the union rarely lasts long, for they often quarrel unless under the influence of a greater power.


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