Night in the Grasslands - Conclusion

Late Spring, T.A. 1630

By the time Ari settles down enough to sleep — which is near dawn — Father still hasn’t returned. You stay up, guarding the tent and watching the horizon, heart still beating against your chest like a caged bird. You try to get the horses to pull the stinking Troll corpse away from the tent, but they won’t go near the thing.

Sometime after the sun rises, you doze off. The next sensation you have is a hard slap to the face. Your eyes flash open and Father is standing before you. Never has he struck you outside of your training.

He hauls you up and throws you atop the Hill-troll’s stinking corpse. From behind him, you hear Ariunaa scream.

“Why did you disobey me!?”

Ganoveth explains himself, and his father relents.

“Ganoveth, I sometimes forget that you’re a man now.”

He draws Ebonrath-Sahil from its scabbard.

“What’ve I told you about this sword?”

Gano has heard the story of the drake, but that’s all. Altan will chuckle:

“I suppose I’ve told it often enough. It’s a good story and it reminds me of… better times. But the sword that’s now called Ebonrath-Sahil has carried many names before that one. It’s older than that tale. In fact, it’s as old as the clan itself, which is… well, very old. You see, the clan and the sword were forged together. Whoever’s master of this blade is master of our clan, by right and by tradition. I’m master of it now and my word, Ganoveth, is law. If you don’t respect me, respect the blade and what it means.”

“I’m not a fool, son. I know I’m not perfect. Sometimes I’ll make the wrong decision. As my son, it’s your responsibility to tell me when I do and to hold to your convictions no matter what. But I must be able to trust you. Do you understand?”

Night in the Grasslands - Conclusion

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